The Orange Peel

The Orange Peel

IN Short, it says below to eat the peel of the orange and it will stop cancer cells from being able to stick together and metastisize, takes away their power supply and disrups communications between cancer cells which in turn makes it quite difficult for solid tumors to develop

“WEAPON #1: The “Citrus Secret” that STOPS CANCER IN ITS TRACKS” “One highly effective compound can stop the spread of cancer in its tracks. It could be one of the most” “important natural compounds for fighting and preventing the spread of cancer.” “The world’s leading expert on this compound is Dr. Isaac Eliaz. He has made it his life’s work to study its use” “and effectiveness. Dr. Eliaz first learned of this compound as a child growing up in Israel, while living next to” “Dr. Ruth Cohen.” “Dr. Cohen and her husband were organic chemistry scientists. Their passion was the study of a compound in” “the peel of citrus fruits. To this day, Dr. Eliaz remembers that his neighbor told him, “One day, they will find out that there is a cure for cancer in the peel of an orange.”” “Israel is known for its citrus fruits. So Isaac assumed that her comment was wishful thinking. But later, when” “he went into science and medicine, he began to study this compound. He found her comment was closer to reality than he ever imagined.” “Modified Citrus Pectin” “The substance is pectin. It is a soluble fiber found in the cell walls of plants. And it’s most abundant in the” “peels of citrus fruits. An orange rind contains about 30 percent pectin.” “Scientists have understood the digestive benefits of pectin for many years. It can remove toxins from the” “intestines and colon. It prevents constipation. And dozens of studies show that it can reduce colon cancer risk.viii” “But the molecules of dietary pectin are large. They can’t get through the intestinal wall and enter the” “bloodstream. But in the 1960s a technique was developed for “chopping” the pectin molecule.ix” “This compound is Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP). It is just a fraction of the molecular weight of regular citrus” “pectin. MCP can easily enter the bloodstream. It can travel to target points throughout the body.”

“In 1992, scientists publish the first research on MCP. It showed that MCP had big benefits against cancer.x” “Here’s how it works…” “Cancer: A “Sticky” Situation” “Cancer cells need a “sticky” protein found on their surface to metastasize. This protein is galectin-3. It helps” “cancer cells clump together. And it also helps them stick to tissues throughout the body.xi” “Without the glue-like stickiness of galectin-3, cancer” “cells would have a hard time forming solid tumors. And a harder time sticking to new sites and forming” “secondary tumors.” “Hundreds of studies have proven that galectin-3 is” “pivotal to the formation and spread of cancer.xii It can also predict the risk for heart failure. Dr. Eliaz urges anyone at risk for these conditions to have galectin-3 levels checked.” “But this molecule does not just make cancer sticky. It helps these rogue cells communicate. They also need it” “to make new blood vessels. This is a process called angiogenesis and it is how tumors get food.” “It’s no wonder that galectin-3 is a big focus for mainstream cancer research. By disarming this molecule, you” “can:” “? Prevent cancer cells from sticking to each other and other tissues,” “? Disrupt their communication, and” “? Remove their power supply” “Do this and you destroy cancer’s ability to survive and spread. And that’s exactly what MCP can do.” “The “Anti-Adhesive” Solution to Cancer” “Galectin-3 is highly attracted to a sugar molecule called galactose. And MCP has a lot of it. When MCP meets” “cancer cells, it binds to their sticky surface molecules.” “Dr. Eliaz says MCP is an “anti-adhesive agent.” So it is a great protector against metastasis.xiii The Journal of the” “National Cancer Institute published a study on rats that showed MCP reduced the spread of melanoma by 90 percent!xiv” “Dozens of studies have proven the cancer-fighting benefits of MCP. Dr. Eliaz has been involved in many of” “these studies, including several trials performed on humans.xv He says that, “MCP is the only natural substance” “proven to block excess galectin-3 molecules.””

“MCP not only makes cancer cells less “sticky,” but it also stops them from communicating.xvi It blocks blood” “vessels to tumors.xvii And once it binds to a cancer cell, it even helps to “tag” these cells for attack by the” “immune system.xviii” “All of this leads to cancer cell death. One study presented by Dr. Eliaz showed that MCP caused a cancer cell” “death of 81 percent. This was compared to just 3.8 percent in the control. Another study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reported that in mice MCP prevented the spread of colon cancer cells to the liver by 100%.” “MCP can also trap heavy metals, radioactive isotopes,xix and toxins to flush them out of the body.” “A Critical Adjunct to Standard Therapy” “MCP is very promising. In many cases, it has had better results than standard treatments. But it can also” “enhance these treatments.” “The use of MCP with chemotherapy may allow for a lower dose of chemotherapy, fewer side effects, and a” “better clinical outcome. And MCP is critical if you decide to have surgery or a diagnostic biopsy.” “You see, these procedures can increase the aggressive behavior of cancer cells. They can also release cancer” “cells from the initial site and allow them to migrate to other parts of your body. The ability of MCP to bind to these cells and neutralize them is where this treatment shines.” “PectaSol-C: A Breakthrough Cancer Treatment” “Dr. Isaac Eliaz and his colleagues have been working on different formulations of MCP for more than a decade.” “The goal was to produce a product of the ideal molecular weight and size.” “It took many attempts. Recently, they had a breakthrough. Dr. Eliaz used a cutting-edge process involving acid,” “heat, and modification of citrus pectin with enzymes.” “The result is a form of Modified Citrus Pectin with an unprecedented level of potency. It is called PectaSol-C.” “And peer-reviewed clinical trials prove it’s effective on humans.” “For cancer patients, Dr. Eliaz recommends a standard dosage of 5 grams—or one rounded teaspoon—” “consumed three times daily. The powder mixes easily with water. Some patients increase the dosage to 20-25 grams in the 24 hours before the procedure.” “Plant pectin is something that you already eat every day. Also, the modified version of this natural substance” “was proven safe. There are no reported adverse events.” “If you wish to learn more or purchase this product for yourself, you can find it at And don’t” “forget: we receive NO compensation whatsoever for recommending this product. We simply believe it is safe” “and highly effective.”

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